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Take melodic musical works from the 60’s, blend it together with 90’s brit-rock and you will have the Canadian four-piece band, rhodes

rhodes is a 4-piece rock band from the south side of Edmonton that formed in 2008 by the Amundson brothers; they simply make music - for themselves and for as many people that will listen.


With a few lineup changes rhodes honed their craft while developing a tight friendship with Edmonton studio owner and producer Stew Kirkwood, which resulted in releasing multiple EPs, and LPs.


Never trying to fit into a scene, rhodes has always held close two ideals when creating music…. write what you like, don’t write to be liked. With a simple straightforward attitude and swagger, the music which they create, merges their influences and brings a soothing, confident feel that is a breath of fresh air.



Dean Amundson – Vocals / Guitar

Jeff Amundson – Drums

Mike Flynn – Lead Guitar

Shawn Northcott – Bass